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Please be sure you carefully read the agreement before making a purchase.

We display our equipment extraordinarily carefully; if we find each person the usage of them improperly, we are able to right now and permanently ban their account. You are not approved to promote, hire, or share our money owed, equipment, browsers, or offerings with any third parties.

You aren’t accepted to share our services with anybody as they’re just for one character (Team usage not allowed). Since our offerings are already pretty affordable, you may purchase numerous memberships for various customers. If we find that tools or accounts are being shared, we can directly ban your account.

Our offerings are handiest for small corporations and agencies; we do not allow high tool utilization; there is around a 1:30 device to consumer ratio. If you have got heavy device utilization, please at once purchase a subscription to that tool; otherwise, we can also note it and ban your account.

We have a verification method in place to keep out spammers, leechers, and bad users’ tools.

Since it’s miles a shared account, on occasion they might not feature. You need to be aware that considering the fact that it’s far a shared account, you could every so often run into restriction issues (a very uncommon occurrence). Therefore, ask us first so that you can verify if it is functioning earlier than shopping an entire % for a unmarried tool handiest (you’re shopping the p.C. For that particular object that you must always need). But in case you take a look at the service as soon as and accept as true with in us, you won’t be disenchanted.

We do our satisfactory to give our clients the highest uptime feasible in order that we will hold their enterprise. It’s a Group Buy Tools sharing service, and due to its unique nature that makes it tough to keep uptime with these styles of offerings. We strive our quality to provide most uptime because we already recognize that if our carrier quality is bad, customers might not stay with us. However, if every so often equipment pass down, please allow us to understand through aid and we will try our best to make it to be had for you.

Beginning on the first day of charge and lasting for 30 days, our billing is carried out via PayPal, Bkash, Rocket, or DBBL. After that, PayPal will automatically renew the fee. Your get admission to will remain energetic until the cease of your 30-day term if making a decision for any cause not to retain charging. You can cancel your PayPal auto-approval charge at any second.